Benefits of Having an Electric BBQ for Those All Important Family Events

Having a BBQ needs no excuse. As one of the most popular outdoor family events, BBQs are a great way to kick back and relax in the great outdoors with those who are nearest and dearest to you.

With a list of appetising foods which include a range of burgers, sausages, corn on the cob, jacket potatoes and kebabs no one attending a BBQ will leave hungry.

But how about changing up your al fresco dining options with something a bit more up to date?

Electric BBQs

Traditionally, BBQs have been powered by big lumps of coal or by bottled gas. While these do a great job of providing enough heat to cook all the food on the rack, the element of fossil fuels has become more of an issue with eco-awareness growing by the day.

Searching for barbecue elettrico online will give you some great ideas of the products available on the market, but where do you start when looking to upgrade your BBQ? Is an electric BBQ worth it?

Benefits Of An Electric BBQ

One of the most obvious benefits of switching to electric is that there are no more fumes or smoke. Although the smoke from a BBQ is one of those familiar traits of an outdoor BBQ, think of all the damage being done to the environment. Thousands of people have a BBQ everyday, that’s a lot of smoke going in to the atmosphere.

The lack of smoke may be a strange element to a barbeque but the air will be cleaner and your clothes won’t stick at the end of your event.

In addition to the control of the smoke, temperature can also be controlled on an electric BBQ. Using a set of integrated dials you can turn the heat up or down just as you would on an oven or microwave. Getting your food perfectly cooked will no longer be such an issue.

Started raining? No problem. Electric BBQs can be used outdoors or indoors. With greater control you can keep a closer eye on the equipment and still enjoy the great tasting food from the barbie. Before hosting an indoor BBQ check on your lease to make sure that you are allowed to have the BBQ working indoors. Although it is safer than more traditional BBQs there is always a risk of fire. Take the proper precautions before starting.


Aside from the lessened atmosphere because of the lack of smoke and traditional BBQ feel, electrical barbeques are a lot smaller than coal or gas BBQs. This would be fine if you were just cooking some dinner for your little family, but if you have a large group of friends or a party in your home it will take a very long time to cook enough food for everyone.

The searing is also not quite right as the temperature does not go as high. Lidded appliances can help but doesn’t match.