Condiments That Every Kitchen Should Have At Their Disposal

No matter what your favourite cuisine, there are some condiments that every kitchen should have in them. These condiments can help you cook a wide variety of different types of food, and ensure they are delicious. Kitchen must have plenty of different herbs and spices, and sauces and condiments are just as important. Below are some of the various ones you should ensure are in your kitchen cupboards to help ensure you can cook almost anything.

Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha sauce is not only something that you add to food as a dressing, the same as tomato sauce, and you can also use it to enhance flavours when cooking. There are lots of Asian recipes using Sriracha sauce, so if you like your Asian food, it is something you should ensure is always in your cupboards.

Tabasco Sauce

You will also want to ensure you have a ready supply of Tabasco sauce in your cupboards, which is something that many people put on their food and is in many different recipes. The small bottle of goodness has a small kick to it, but it is not too hot but packs a punch of flavour when you use it in cooking.

Soy Sauce

Another influence from Asia you will want to have in your kitchen is a quality soy sauce that is tasty and flavoursome. You can use this when cooking various foods and not only Asian ones, and it can make dishes have much more flavour when you use it. You will need to be careful when adding it to the food, so it does not make it taste too salty.

Worcestershire Sauce

You will also want to have a supply of Worcestershire sauce in your cupboards, which you can use for everything from soups and stews to cocktails. It can add a kick to your cheese on toast and has a relatively unique flavour, and you will see a bottle of this in most bars worldwide which they need to make a Bloody Mary.

Tomato Sauce

Even if you are not a fan of putting tomato sauce on your food, you will still want to ensure you have a bottle in your cupboards. It is ideal for guests who like it, but you can also use it when you are cooking, especially when using fresh tomatoes. It will add some sweetness and get rid of any bitterness when you cook and is perfect for adding to Bolognese and other tomato-based dishes.