Here are Few Savouries to Serve with Duck Breast to make it More Mouth Watering

Duck breast is a tasty dish having well crisped flesh juicy and fully flavoured to keep you yearning for more. However, while serving the well-cooked duck breast dish as your main course, the need to cook other eatables combining well with the duck meat is every chef’s wish.

Here are few veggies that blend well suitably with superbly cooked duck meat:

  • Mixed roasted vegetables: Some of the most preferable veggies are lettuce, broccoli, potato, onion, tomato and capsicum. You just need to cook them in the left over fat of the duck mixed with the spices used to cook the duck. All veggies will look perfect while arranged at the side of duck meat while keeping it in the middle. You can garnish by sprinkling it with black pepper powder and spreading with nicely chopped herbs.
  • Caramelised onions and potatoes: Some like the fusion of sweet and spice, thus you can keep smashed boiled potatoes little salty and pouring honey droplets over it to create a unique tastier side dish for your well grilled duck meat. Even onions soaked or cooked in butter and milk will enhance the taste of your cooked duck meat garnished with herbs and white pepper powder.

  • Tastes Delicious with sweeter veggies: Yes, you guessed right! It will be carrots, cucumber and beet. They really go well with spicy and well grilled duck meat. You just need to cut all those veggies decoratively soak them in salt and vinegar water for half an hour. The tangy sweet taste of the fresh vegetables placed along with the juicy well seasoned duck meat really lures you more to enjoy the meal.
  • Smoked veggies: You can smoke raw tomato, capsicum and even sweet potatoes. The smoky flavour will enrich the spicy juicy taste of duck meat. To make it spicier, you just need to sprinkle powders of herbs of your choice and red chilli flakes.

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