The magic of Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is very simple at its base. Fresh herbs together with other fresh vegetables are added to their foods or eaten directly along with fresh sources. It is really cool and makes the Vietnamese cuisines different from other countries. Vietnamese cuisine, like many ethnic cuisines, is not bland and has herbs and sauces. They can also turn up the heat on your food if you’d like, but it’s not necessary. Many of the food items are also healthier because the ingredients tend to be suspended in water rather than thick, fattening oils. The pho soup, for instance, is made in a water-based broth that is scrumptious.

 The rice and tapioca bases used for noodles and wraps are easily digested with low glycemic impact and minimal workload on the liver. Not to mention the broths are often bone-broths and an excellent vehicle for other herbs and medicinal ingredients. A lot of stuff can be disguised in the form of soup but the nature of stuff like Pho involves basil, onions, and anise.

The meat; always looks lovely and well-presented since the whole animal is used. The recipes use less oil or frying and more braising instead. There are lots of fresh vegetables, herbs, lots of colors and the dishes are always full of flavor and various textures. Most dishes are like a party in your mouth – sweet, sour, salty, rich with texture and temperature factored in. The cuisine makes the best use of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and grains. Vegetarian Vietnamese food is indistinguishable from real meat and seafood. It has merged Southeast Asian cuisines and French cuisine together and created many wonderful.

Hanoi Hannah, a taste of Vietnam in Windsor

Vietnamese cafes and restaurants have proliferated dramatically in the past two to three years. Vietnamese restaurants like Hanoi Hannah also have rice dishes that are very popular and filling. Most will have your choice of beef, chicken, duck, and pork. In addition, tofu and dumplings can be mixed in with your choice of white or fried rice. It also has perfectly balanced flavors, succulent meat, and skin to die for. Here the food is more “elegant” and the least spiced but no less delicious than its contemporaries.

EXPRESS LANE, is a heaven for people who love gluten-free and healthy food or suffer from celiac disease. The eatery brings the fresh and vibrant flavors of Vietnam to the streets of Windsor.  Hanoi Hannah places a lot of emphasis on style, and its trendy appearance and cheap menu, attracts suitably intense crowds to the modestly-sized outpost. The restraint is low-lit and with a distinct Vietnamese vibe but without the tacky-themed restaurant appearance which most places have. It’s perfect for a light dinner and drinks with friends or a bowl of pho that won’t break the bank. There are plenty of light, drinkable cocktails, it’s cheap and cheerful but with a refined edge accompanied by an atmosphere that you can’t beat in the heart of Windsor.

The entire staff at Hanoi Hannah is absolutely top-notch and really cares about making sure that everyone enjoys their experience. Looking for the best Vietnamese food experience in town, go no further than Hanoi Hannah. Visit their website for more information.